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EJ ordered Nicole to call Brady and crack with him for good if she ever would see his kids remember. Nicole asked why EJ was doing this and if revenge on Sami was more important than a sanity. EJ said she had a decision to neck. Nicole called Brady and asked him to her at the pier. When Brady met her, he said he was lucky while he was spending New Year's Eve along with her. Nicole explained that Vivian had shown EJ images and had given her an ultimatum. She begged Brady to attempt to understand and said she'd always love him. When she got back to the mansion, EJ told her they needed to go to the pier and celebrate their engagement. He also gave her a diamond bracelet having a tracking device in it so he'd always know where she was.

Phillip found Brady reading a book on ancient civilization at the Kiriakis show place. Phillip said Melanie had been reading it so terrible understand Victor's stories about Greece. Brady became angry that while Melanie was doing that for him, Phillip was sleeping along with her father's girl. Phillip said Brady couldn't make him feel any worse than he already did, but Brady said he could try and punched Phillip. Vivian walked in and demanded they stop fighting in "her house." Phillip explained that Vivian had set upward to make Chloe think Carly and Daniel were having an affair. Brady became much more determined relieve Vivian as Vivian announced that she and Phillip were "even" for the coffin incident.