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Many who are bothered by the scars left from acne breakouts have turned to a Retin A acne scars treatment for help, citing a lot of positive reviews about what the treatment can do for those with such blemishes. However, it is only natural to remain skeptical about treatments such as Retin A. Can the product really provide results for diminishing the appearance of acne scars? Is it advisable for those who want to see improvements in that area?

What You Need To Know

All indications are that Retin A does provide wonderful results with acne scarring. Generally, people seem to start seeing results within a couple of weeks from when they start using the product, which shows how effective a Retin A treatment program can be.

The product itself is a topical treatment that you apply to your skin, and which speeds the exfoliation process while increasing collagen levels, helping to improve the overall quality of your skin. This can help in particular with more shallow acne scars that are near the surface.

However, deeper acne scars may not see the same kind of results from Retin A treatments. That is the main drawback of the product, as surgical procedures performed by dermatologists are still the best course of action for "icepick" scars and other deep types of scars.

Also, there are guidelines for usage of the product that should be followed. First of all, you should resist the temptation to use the process excessively or more than what is recommended in an attempt to get faster results. In practice, this kind of decision will only lead to skin problems and possible side effects, so you should use the product only as directed! Also, you should avoid sun exposure when using it, unless you are using sunscreen to protect yourself. Pregnant women also should not use Retin A, because of a possible risk of birth defects.

When used correctly and for the right types of scars, Retin A can be very helpful. A Retin A acne scars treatment is a great way to not only obat retina mata lepas diminish shallow acne scars, but also to promote healthier skin and make yourself look younger and healthier. As long as you use the product as directed, you will be very happy with the results that you get, just as the many who have already used the product successful have been.