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So, to answer those skeptics who think bath bombs and bath salts are a definite waste and a shampoo and scrub is most of the physical body is in need of, think again. Water by itself has amazing properties that are soothing imagine what every one of these extra add-ons for does for your well-being and body!

I recently love making skin and human anatomy services and products that I sell at an area Farmers Market and another of my most popular attempting to sell items is the bath bomb. I will be assuming you understand how in order to make bath bombs, but i shall provide you with the fundamental recipe I will give you some ideas on how to make bath bombs with the wow factor that I enjoy using with great success plus.

For my fundamental bath bomb recipe i personally use the following components:

500 grms of baking soft drink (bicarbonate of soft drink)
250 grms of citric acid (granular or fine powder)
100 mls of oil blend

This recipe provides a bomb that is good fizzes well into the bath. You can add more citric acid it even fizzier, but I think this amount works just fine if you want. The tricky bit with making almost any bath bomb is through the stage of mixing the natural oils in as there is a fine stability to getting the ideal amount of liquid consumed, without leaving the chemical reaction that offers the bomb its "fizz." We think it is is most beneficial to put the oils right into a synthetic bottle by having a trigger then spray, ONE carefully spray at the same time, stirring on a regular basis. Spray evenly around the combined ingredients saying the spray/stir action, stirring consistently and care that is taking to over wet the ingredients. After the combination starts to hold together and can form a ball form whenever pushed by hand, AVOID SPRAYING. Think damp sand castles because here is the consistency you might be targeting. You then have to pile the combination into the molds by packing it in since tightly as possible so you overfill each half. Then hit the 2 halves together simply the as soon as. Usually do not twist or you will end up with 2 halves of the bath bomb. It doesn't matter whether or not the two halves are prearranged well if not you are simply encouraging the mixture into a nicely rounded shape if they are closed, at this stage. Keep in mind, the greater mix you pack into your molds, the fizzier they shall be.
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Now you have sorted your mould to be sure you've got the rest of your equipment at hand.

• A steel or cup dish. (Plastic can be used but does soak up the oils so can taint food mixed after so keep it simply for the bath bombs)

• Spray bottle (This will make incorporating the water a little easier)

• Gloves

• Sieve

Now we have been prepared to get going. There are numerous meals which you can use but this is a bath bomb recipe that is basic.


• 1 cup acid that is citric

• 2 cups baking soda

• 20-30 drops acrylic according to strength and individual flavor

• Food colorant ( a dry pigment is best)

• Water or witch hazel (in your spray bottle)


Sieve together the citric acid and baking soda building a powder that is fine. You will be left with a grainy mixture if you don't get this.