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Acquiring Dimensional Ipe Lumber at a Home Center – How to Avoid Cup, Bow, and Crook?

ipe lumber for saleThe best method to stay clear of difficulty when constructing a wood project is to start with lumber that is directly, level, and square. Of training course, woodworkers who have costly store devices have a clear-cut benefit in battling the most common kinds of lumber issues. A good wood planer, for instance, could change an or else crooked and twisted board into a flawlessly straight piece of lumber – if you have the cash money 500+ for a lot of designs. The inherent trouble below is that many of the lumber racks at a large box shop are filled with boards that are deformed and twisted. Not so much of an issue for carpenters who build residences and garages there are workarounds for making use of distorted lumber, and also it is not really a trouble for the home centers either, because an excellent piece of their service comes from the building market, not woodworkers.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly – What to Look For When Sorting Lumber:

When you have an affordable system in place for digging through the substantial heaps of lumber, the following action is to very carefully take a look at each board for signs of mug, bow, scoundrel, and also twist. Right here’s what to seek.


Boards with cup have a U form from side to side, and also are almost worthless for developing anything. Why? Sides are where boards come together to create a joint. If a board is not super-flat along that side, the joint would not function – think me, it just will not. The finest way to examine for cup is to lay the board level on the floor and check for a side-to-side shaking activity. Flip it over and inspect the various other sides. If it does not pass the examination, send out that board to the bad cart.

Ipe Lumber for Sale


The finest means to find bow in lumber is to hold the board edge-side up, close one eye, and after that peer down the full size. A certain amount of bow could be all right, though, specifically if you intend to reduce the board in tiny sizes. If you need the complete length – for projects like a workbench or barbecue table, send it to the bad cart and maintain looking.


A board with zero mugs and zero bows can still be misaligned. Ideal means to identify scoundrel is to hold the board surface-side up and peer down the complete length of the board. An Buying Ipe Decking Lumber for Sale extreme situation of scoundrel makes an or else straight board look like a road with a curve. Unless you prepare to reduce this board right into a lot of smaller items, send this one to the bad cart and maintain looking.