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This company is based in San Diego and has been manufacturing sunglasses with great quality and quantity too. The Spy sunglasses are investing heavily for research and also for the development of their products and give the best to their customers. They regularly improve their products so as to suit the consumer. Unlike the other sunglass brands the Spy sunglasses are carefully made and designed so that you have the best and look stylish too. The Spy sunglasses are designed in California, so you know where the style comes from. Italy is the place where it is hand-crafted and also carries out an elaborate process of manufacturing and also has a strict control over quality of the product. You will find he color fade on all of their Sunglasses to be hand-painted and the job is done by an Italian artist. Also the Logo of the SPY is hand painted on every sunglass.

You will find the fashion product from Spy to be very appealing to you and those who have a stylish choice are going to love it. The Spy sunglasses are for all and loved by all. The Women sunglasses too come in attractive models and enhance the look and personality of the women. Given below are some of the models from Spy sunglasses.

The Spy MC2 sunglasses are black with metalized gunmetal temples grey is a Model C22AOO, which is a crystal clear 6-base lenses and has UVA, UVB protection. Apart from that the sunglasses have UVC protection. The frame measures a 59-16-1224. The price of this model is $124.95.

The Spy sunglass MC2 black Grey polarized and is Model C2BS2N. The sunglass frame is black in color, and is also a crystal clear 6-base lenses with UVA, UVB and UVC protection. The frame measure 59-16-124. It's a high quality propionate and is built in metal hinges. The price of this sunglass is $149.95 and is unisex in gender.

This unisex product from Spy sunglasses is Brown stripe Tortoise Bronze king polarized sunglasses model C2TG3N, which is also a UVA, UVB and UVC protection sunglasses that has high quality propionate. This fashion product from Spy sunglasses measures a 59-16-124 and is styled in full wrap. The size is average and the price of this sunglass is $ 149.95. Another one from Spy sunglasses is the white grey model C2WH00. The sunglass has white color frame, the lens color is grey, comes in average size and is a unisex sunglass. The price of the sunglass from Spy is $104.95.