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Are you a manager of a business of any size or perhaps the proprietor of a small or large business? Are you looking for ways to get even the tiniest bit of competitive advantage over the dozens of rivals you probably compete against for business? Are you also looking for ways to perhaps rationalise your advertising or promotional budget if you even have one anymore in these tough economic climes? Some of the ways and means of achieving promotion and brand recognition are so simple that they seem to fly under the radar of most people just because they are so obvious once you hear of them.
One such product is printed tape. What is printed tape you may ask and the answer is that it is all the different types of tape that you use in all the different scenarios you can think of but just custom printed especially for your business with a logo of your choice or a message of your choice. There are normally two types of reactions people have when they hear about using custom tape that has been printed specifically for them as a means of promotion or as a promotion tool.
The first type of people think that tape is not a means of promotion and cannot be used as a method of creating brand awareness as it is too insignificant. These people do not realise that something as simple and seeming innocuous as adhesive tape is probably one of the first things that any customer encounters when they are receiving a package from your business. The time that they take to cut the package open may be all that is needed for them to read the name of your business and the web address. If your name and website are both snappy enough, this much of time is more than enough to create recall in the minds of most consumers.
The second type of people think that this is such a painfully obvious solution that it is a wonder that they have not thought of it before. Most of the best ideas are very simple and painfully obvious once you have heard of them and printed tapes are such an idea. Their second thought may be that almost everyone must already be using them in a number of different applications and to gain a competitive advantage from using such tape would be impossible but the fact is that just like you this idea have not occurred to many businesses even though it is such a great one.