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I go to work in the morning, meet any number of people, male and female, and don't feel a twinge of nervousness. I've met one or two girls that I really like, and I asked one for a date. Why should that bother me? As I've said, I meet lots of people of both sexes every day.
Then it hit me. I'd asked this lady out on a date. She seemed pleased to accept. Then my terror struck. I'm going to be alone with this lady for goodness knows how long. Supposing I make a complete blithering idiot of myself?
My terror mounts. I'm on the point of ringing her and cancelling. But that would be rude. What it boils down to is that I got myself into this, I must see it through. After all, what am I? A man or a mouse? Well, actually, the latter fits the description better at the moment.
I remembered the advice my father had given me.
"Just be yourself, old boy." That's exactly whom I don't want to be. I'd rather be anyone than myself. Why can't I be someone with bags of self-confidence? Someone like the Captain of School used to be.
I worry a lot, too. Often when there's nothing to worry about. But I can't understand how I do so well at work, and yet go completely to pieces when I have to meet someone, a lady, on a one on one basis. The main problem was that I really liked her. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to talk to her, to thoroughly enjoy the evening. But the more I thought about it, the more distant such wishes seemed to become.
I know. I'll telephone mother. She's a wise old bird. If I ask dad, he'll just tell me to 'be myself'. The date wasn't for a couple of days and in the event, I went round to mother online shopping sites for clothes a good old chat.
1. She told me that a good idea was to write down topics of conversation in case things started to dry up. Then tear up what you'd written. Your mind would retain them, most especially if you expected the best. Another point to consider is that she may be a natural born talker, leaving you to answer instead of having to grope for conversation.
2. Wear comfortable clothes. If you normally wear a 15 1/2" inch collar, don't try to strangle yourself in a 15" collar, just because you like the look of it. Make sure you've taken your suit to the cleaners and that it fits. You don't want the sleeves riding up to the elbows, nor the trousers legs so long that you're tripping over them.
3. Mother reminded me, rather bluntly, that I wasn't over-the-top good looking. But a chap with film star looks isn't necessarily desirable to a lady in any case. It can put her off, especially if she sees other women in the restaurant nudging one another and pointing. You can't change your looks, so be happy with what you have.
As I said, she's a wise old bird!