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1902 was a special year in the automotive industry. Shortly after the turn of the century, the desire for a vehicle of luxury and prestige grew and manifested itself in the form of a livery vehicle. These are more commonly referred to today as a limousine.
The word limousine is French in origin, and refers to a covered compartment. The earliest versions of the limousine were designed in such a way that the driver sat separate from the passengers in a covered or secluded compartment. This provided the privacy and division between the chauffeur and his or her guests. This concept serves as the primary principal upon which the limousine was established.
The early twentieth century produced numerous examples of the limousine, including the heralded 1908 Studebaker Brothers limo and the 1915 Winton Six model limousine. These and other similar vehicles of this era featured an open drivers compartment and a closed cabin for the passengers.
In the year 1928 the Armbruster Coach Company of Fort Smith, Arkansas, manufactured the first of what is now commonly referred to as a stretch limousine. The stretch limousine is a based on a standard model vehicle, but the frame, wheelbase and cabin have been extended in order to accommodate numerous passengers and house luxurious amenities, such as bars or more comfortable seating arrangements than what would normally be found in a traditional car or sport utility vehicle.
For many years, the most common production limousines on the market were the Lincoln and Cadillac models. These provided for the traditional stretch limos, and were built to seat either six, eight or ten passengers, not including the driver. Many modern limousines are now being built as super ultra stretch limos, meaning that they can fit any where from twelve to even twenty passengers comfortably in some instances. Examples of super ultra stretch limousines are Ford Excursions, Ford Expeditions, H2 Hummers and Cadillac ESVs. These ultra luxurious vehicles also often feature premium sound systems, fully stocked bars, and lighting systems with neon, light emitting diodes (LEDs), and disco balls that rival the newest night clubs.
Whether a limousine is used for a corporate function, a bachelor party, a birthday, wedding or a funeral, everyone has their own style and should be cognizant of the fact that there really is a perfect limo out there for every occasion. While some may prefer a full size Toronto Limo Service party bus for that night out with friends, entertaining corporate clients may call for the formal and elegant presentation of a Lincoln town car. From the unique to the bizarre, even limos based on standard production model cars from companies such as Fiat, Jaguar, Lexus and Rolls Royce have been modified to meet the needs of demanding consumers who want to experience not only the luxury and acclaim of arriving at their next event in a standard limousine, but the individuality and unique presentation afforded by one of these vehicle designs that is a bit off the beaten path.
Whatever the event calls for, one can be assured that for more than one hundred years now, marking a special occasion with the service of a limousine will surely create an unforgettable event.