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Your best friend is living the dream: she's found Mr. Right, they're getting married soon, and she's asked you to be her Maid of Honor. You're ready to stand by her side and support her on the biggest day of her life, but first, you need to give her a send-off she won't forget: her bachelorette party!
Know Your Bride
What you plan will depend greatly on your friend's personal tastes. You don't want to take a painfully shy bride to a dance club, and a quiet tea may not be the send-off that your sorority sister thought her beer pong buddy would give her. If you want to keep things a surprise until the big night, just think of the things that you and the bride enjoy doing together. Your best friend will love taking your favorite activities and kicking them up a notch, whether that means making them more boisterous or making them classier. If you don't feel the need to keep it a secret, try to discuss possible activities with the bride to get her approval. Whatever you do, don't just assume she wants a stereotypical bachelorette party: the sky's the limit!
Invite People She Wants to Be There
It's very important to only invite the people that your buddy wants to have at her bachelorette party. Essential guests are usually members of the Milton Wedding Limo party, but from there, the guest list can vary wildly. Some brides love having their mothers, grandmothers, and young cousins involved in their bachelorettes, while other brides want the party to be adult only and a bit too risqu?´┐Ż for mom or grandma. And you can't assume that she only wants girls there; some ladies are very close with their male friends and may want them to come! Even if you are keeping the night itself a surprise, ask your friend to give you a list of the people she would like to be there. The guest list can also give you ideas of what would and would not be appropriate for the party.
Don't Forget Food
Even if your gal wants her bachelorette party to be an outdoor adventure or wants to just spend the night drinking her supper, it's important to remember that food is essential to any gathering. A hungry group is a grumpy group, and the bad attitudes that come with hungry guests can ruin even the best plans. If you're going to be out all night, drinking at various bars and clubs, be sure to schedule a stop at an all-night hamburger shack somewhere during the night or have a nice dinner before going clubbing. Take a picnic basket of easy goodies for a day of hiking or rafting.
Hire a Limousine or Party Bus
No matter what you'll be doing, don't have the bride drive! Instead, hire a limousine or a party bus to chauffeur the entire group around. Hiring a limo or a party bus takes the strain off of your group and gets you into a very sweet ride. Chauffeured transportation will make sure to pick you up and get you where you're going on time, and many limousine companies will stock your limo or party bus with an impressive wet bar selection if everyone in the vehicle will be of drinking age. Hired transportation has the added benefit of making sure that even the most booze-fueled bachelorette party has everyone get where they need to be safely. Be sure to hire your transportation from a reliable hired car service, and enjoy sending your girl off to her new married life in unquestionable style.