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IDK, when I heard that I was far from having the opportunity to have any kind of sex, but it stuck with me. I think because we all make decisions without knowing what going to happen in the future and we can only be judged on the information we had then. [13] Each Commando had a lieutenant colonel as the commanding officer and numbered around 450 men (divided into 75 man troops that were further divided into 15 man sections).

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2% lapping a prior year increase of 12. Obviously, not all departments are like this, but in departments like this I can see why cops would be unwilling. Imagine you at your office IT job, with your idiot Dilbert style pointy haired boss who doesn even know how to "AOL up the Facebook" breathing over your shoulder 24/7 that how cops in these towns may feel.

dresses sale Tankini Swimwear Let me remind you that the following discussion and our responses to your questions reflect management's views as of today, May 8, 2018, and may include forward looking statements. At year end, 68% of our annualized base rent or ADR came from leases with built in rent escalators linked to inflation. Actual results may differ materially.

Additional information about factors that could potentially impact our financial results is included in the Form 10 K filed for the year ended December 31, 2017 and in the press release and Form 10 Q filed today Tankini Swimwear.