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"People ask if I'm going to get starstruck but I don't want that as it could affect my game. Read More: In pictures: East Kilbride secure dream Scottish Cup tie against Celtic. The part time Coatbridge outfit came within 12 minutes of recording a famous victory before Light Blues' defender Bilel Mohsni equalised to cancel out Ciaran Donnelly's 13th minute opener for Rovers.

He was part of the Albion Rovers side that almost produced a huge Scottish Cup shock at Ibrox against Rangers in March 2014. "Russell has form in the Scottish Cup. There is no mention of gloves in the original 1863 Laws of the Game, so a goalkeeper would not have been breaking any rules if he wanted to keep his hands warm.

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Not only did they win their 17th CAA championship, they earned a No. And a windfall Russell said: "They beat us in the replay but the build up to the game was massive. 5 seed in the Greensboro Regional and then routed 12th seeded Liberty 82 62 in the first round Sunday. They had been the first one to realize using stop watch to measure particular person breaches. Fever and vomiting associated with severe abdominal pain can signal appendicitis.

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