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Aries is composed of Will Energy and Manifestation Energy. I embodied pure Will Energy. Even the Manifestation Energy that I've transmitted to you for thousands of years is really a component of Will Energy.
Will Energy stimulates the mind while Manifestation Energy incited the body.
Arianna My Feminine Express
Arianna is my feminine expression and the part of me called on to radiate our energies now. If you're in a male body, you might find it useful to discover and give your feminine expression a name.
Today Arianna Needs Elevated
One day, both the masculine Aries part of me and Arianna will express us equally. That's not where we are today though. Arianna's countenance first needs to elevate.
Willful and Powerful Leaders
My Will energy was most purely expressed during the patriarch civilization by willful and powerful leaders, especially those of governments and military. Will leaders powered by my Will Energy could be found in every profession. As Will Energy stimulates the mind, all leaders rose to the top of any governing body or administration by demonstrating how smart they were. After all, they were the ones putting together and enforcing the rules for all to follow.
It's all Over
Since the March Equinox of 2011, I'm no longer transmitting my Will energies to sway these areas or leaders. There were leaders that lived what they directed and were most admirable. Those who could not lead themselves are being exposed and humbled daily.
New Leadership
The March Equinox of 2011 is when the Matriarch Era commenced. For one entire year the predominant energy that was transmitted by all Zodiac Signs, as they shifted into their Goddess expression, was Caring. That's when Arianna emerged and Caring began to transform the Will Energy.
Caring For Self
Each and every inhabitant on Mother Earth was inspired to turn inward, to start caring for themselves and become their own caring leader. All those that responded and have become their own caring leader or, are well on their way, are being asked to link up with others that went through the same metamorphous. These will become the new leaders in every area of endeavor including governments. People will no longer want to serve in a military that goes to war, but they will want to serve to help and care for black jack others.
Unstoppable Love Energy
Here's what happened to my Will Energy. First step was Arianna glowing caring, which took the force out of the Will. That was just the beginning though. Next, pure Love Energy was infused into my Will energy. Wow is all I can say; now Arianna is radiating absolutely Unstoppable Love Energy.
Love Permeates
The difference is Arianna's unstoppable love energy is not being driven by power. It infuses everything and everyone with Love Energy, awakening their own Love. Any barriers are coming down, with resistance giving way. The momentum is increasing; the matriarch inspired era is now inescapable.
All Year Long
As I was transmitting my energies to Mother Earth only from the March Equinox to April 20th, I had to really blast my energies to take hold. Arianna, however, is exuding unstoppable love energy all year long to the inhabitants of Mother Earth. She's not the only Goddess to do so; all the Zodiac Goddesses are continuing to send their energies all year, long after their zodiac turn is over.
Characteristics of Unstoppable Love Energy
These are some of the characteristics that unstoppable love energy is stimulating in you to unfold:
Caring, Enchanting, Fascinating, Captivating and Irresistible.
Always begin with you and as you advance, you'll find no resistance to what you have to convey. Besides, you will attract and appeal to those who are making the same expedition inside of them.