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What is website redesigning?
Website is a visual way to attract and trap your customers. It is not limited to technical development, visual design or network delivery. It is a process of creating attractive layouts and elements for a website. Redesigning stint may bring revenue for web owners, if and only if the basic rules are followed. It's time for boundaries to blur, so apply your creativity and skillfulness and redesign the site.
Do you really need it?
You may be unfamiliar with website redesigning and may have little technical personnel available. In all such cases, take a look at your website, and answer below mentioned questions
Are you able to find navigational links?
Does your website pay for the extra effort that you put into?
Is your website compatible with different browsers?
Does your website look differently?
Does your website development Delhi show a great deal of respect for another's time?
Website Redesigning has much to do with the content, so see if your content is outdated or not
If answer to any of the above- mentioned question is no, then you need a website redesign. Thus, redesigning of website needs a structured approach and professional web designer.
Myths Busted
Web designers strive for through revamping of website, but there are certain myths that we are trying to dispel. These myths are mentioned below
1. Going Too Fast
Website redesigning has tremendous implication on your visitors. Hence, don't make drastic changes in your website, at once. Our endeavor is to fight problems step by step. It is dedicated to your visitors; hence a total revamp may confuse them. Slow changes will rejuvenate your website in a better fashion.
2. Increase Loading Speed
Most thought provoking web designers increase the loading speed of their website, by adding more graphics or music files. But they need to understand that in today's world, none is patient and persistent, hence additional loading speed will put off your visitors. Here, Web Hosting plays an important role, use the best web hosting service provider. This will surely bring remarkable improvement in your website.
3. Adding freaky elements will differentiate you from your counterparts
The best results come to those who follow standardized approach. Adding freaky navigation tools may turn off your visitors. Also, don't scatter your navigation tools as it may prove difficult for your visitors to locate the links.
4. Complete Overhaul is needed
Although the phenomena of website redesign is on rise, but it does necessarily mean a complete facelift. It all depends upon your existing website, your online presence, perception in mind of visitors and other aspects. This adds to the twists in the process of redesigning. If you make a complete overhaul, then it may need extra time, extra effort and extra money.
5. Not understanding aspects of current design
Most of the web designers underestimate their current web design. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand what aspects of existing web design works perfectly. It is a great idea to list the things that you like or dislike in your website. It is a finest way to deduct chaff from the wheat.
6. Restore your earlier site
Most of web designers in their daily paraphernalia forget to keep back up of the earlier website. But it is a serious matter to consider. Everyone needs to be conscious of this fact; because it may happen that your new website fails to meet the goals or standards. In such cases, you can revert back to your old website. Moving on does not require completely forgetting your old web design. Cherish the things that you liked in your earlier web design. Examine keywords, backlinks, navigation tools, link to individual pages and trust your instincts.
7. Revamping of Logo
Logo is the brand that represents your company. It is a loud argument whether you should revamp your logo or not. The answer is, change the logo, if it is really required. If your logo is not out of date, and it is attractive enough to lure your customers, then there is no need to change. Deal with any discrepancy related to logo effectively.
8. Adding extra images or graphics
Most of the web designers smear for that additional irrelevant info graphics. That's a thing of past, rather than adding images or graphics try adding new features to your website. It should be redesigned in a manner that claims to test the tenacity. A simple SEO test will keep a tab on search engine friendliness and other aspects. Add mindboggling features like RSS feeds, links to directories, social networking sites, and other landing pages. Nobody can help you predict whether the design is perfect or not. You need to immerse yourself in these techniques to arrive at a possible web redesign.
Also, you can add innovative features like CMS; through it your site can remain updated without a technical designer. At any given time, multiple factors are at play, and it will decide whether using CSS is right or not.
Hence, a superb website redesign needs a complete diagnosis on your part. In order to garner superlative web experience understand the nitty gritty of website redesigning.