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Bathing Suits I was very impressed with the Toronto OPP I encountered but I have to admit I saw some excessive force in other areas and some people being violent with no message and no intelligence to their actions. How is smashing a poor local shop's windows going to accomplish anything? Or destroying a company's store that if you did your homework would discover they are one of the best in fair trade, treatment of employees and the environment? One of the most ridiculous things that I saw was the attacking of the one place you might actually get a message out the media. Smashing a News Van? Where's the intelligence strategy in that? And then there were the local protests at a global meeting including Toronto bike lanes which yes we need but will we accomplish them this way? It's one thing to bring awareness, but does it get lost in the shuffle? Some very serious and valid causes were overshadowed by seriously stupid and violent nonsense. Bathing Suits