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 Top 5 free apk casual games to download for free

The free online apk app store for gaming is an excellent choice for those who just want to relax after long hours of working and studying. That is why there are more casual titles published on this platform.

Due to the sheer amount of free casual games in the apk android market, sometimes it is hard to sit back and find out what is the right one for you to enjoy. That is why we have spent time playing and testing throughout many popular games to give you the best review of free apk game possible.

Head to our top site to get free apk games to download, and you can find your favorite casual games as well as other games in different genres. You will not be disappointed. 

Below you can find a list of free casual games to play on your android phone. The casual games all share the similarity that they are very easy to get into and play. You can download the free apk file and play it right away without any further installation or instruction.

Let's go on the journey. Below is the list of free to play a casual game for the Android market.

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List of 5 casual games for android apk - free to install and download on apk store

Alto's Adventure

If you want to spend your time laying back and enjoy a simple adventure game, Alto’s Adventure is the top choice for your apk free game.

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner casual game where the player will perform snowboarding down the mountain hill. The game world is procedurally generated with gorgeous views of landscapes throughout different day and night cycle.

The player can move the character by tapping on the screen to jump and perform various tricks. As the player moves across the landscape, there are a variety of set goals to complete, for instance traveling through a long distance, avoiding obstacles, grinding on the village’s rooftop, etc. 

After each achievement, the player can earn some rewarding coins and spend the coins to purchase various upgrades in the game.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most successful games on the Android apk market and has the most number of latest apk downloads, which is rightfully so thanks to the game’s features which are fun and engaging to play.

The game’s objective is very simple. It is the tower-defense genre where the player has to think strategically to both defenses their main base and send out armies to attack other players’ base in different runs.

To help the player out in their progress, the game offers various upgrades that you can perform within the game. The player can choose to upgrade their village, train better troops and weapon technologies to attack their enemies.

Nonetheless, the game also features a vast multiplayer option so the players can join together on Clar Wars and Clan Games conquering quest.

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Fast like a Fox

Fast like a Fox was nominated by Google Play Games as well as the community for the title of Best India Game. It is a straightforward game to play yet hard to master. The game caters to the casual and veteran fans of the platforming genre.

The gameplay takes place in the setting of the fox, controlled by the player, to run through the vast land of mountain hill, forest, snowy valleys to reach the final destination. 

Throughout the journey are various obstacles which the fox has to jump over to avoid them. And they appear within the increase of difficulty. The more progress that the player makes through the game, the more difficult obstacles will show up in the game.

This is one of the must-have games in your free apk game collection. You can always relax and play through the easy levels while training your skills for the difficult maps. But the excellent music backtrack, as well as the graphics will make your time worthwhile playing the game.

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Maestria is a free puzzle game for those who want to sink hours into puzzle solving why enjoying the beauty of the game’s world.

The game focuses around a little girl who travels the fantasy world to the right bells. There are 160 levels in the game that the player must guide the little girl through to ring all the bells in the correct collection of order.

Heavily inspired from similar games like Monument Valley, Maestria delivers gorgeous graphics wrapped within the fantasy world. 

The entire world appears vibrant and colorful, which also helps the player to navigate the puzzle better throughout the play course. The pleasant sound of ringing the final bell as the player finishes the level will deliver a very satisfying feeling for the player.

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Smash Hit

Smash Hit is the unique arcade game that is built around the physics engine system for apk free game. It really has its charm and is very addictive as the player plays through the game.

The player can click anywhere on the screen to shoot out the balls, and they have to use these balls to smash the glass objects and obstacles in the game. 

Breaking some specific glass objects will give the player more balls to continue. The player must be precise while aiming their balls because there are only a certain amount of them available. And without any of the balls left to shoot, the player will fail the level and have to restart.

The game has simple and relaxing ambient music, while still provides the sharp and satisfying glass breaking sound, which emphasize the fun and the focus of the game. 

This game looks very easy to play, but as the levels progress, the player will face some very challenging situations. They must retrain the skills after restarting the level over many times to memorize the pattern to overcome it. The game records the high score that every play has throughout the game course.