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You are tired of the same old same old traditional birthday gifts? Do you want to try some different ideas? Funny gift ideas are always welcome in birthday party whether it is a comedy, a pie in the face or a practical joke. It's the best way to lighten up the atmosphere and add way more joy into it.

funny gifts for menPersonalized silly T-shirts and other attire with a funny logo are certain to make birthday celebrants laugh. Try to find general novelty shirts, or personalize a shirt to feature a joke which you can design yourself and have printed on a plain white T-shirt. For example, you can get your friend's infamous nicknames in college years printed on the back of the T-shirts or some joke words you can choose.

Buy him a book full of jokes or just a funny book. Comic books and funny books come in every variety. Books of jokes would be welcomed by some people enjoy reading jokes and others enjoy telling jokes in the birthday party. Or you can buy some funny movies, classic or current. For a fan of movie, a boxed set of a funny television series from Six Feet Under to Gilligan's Island is also welcome gift ideas.

Buy him a solar dancing cactus. Just give the cactus some light; he will not stop waving happily from side to side. Put it in a place where can get some sun and this green cactus with a sombrero on his head won't stop dancing. Everyone will laugh about this special gift.

Joke a day calendar. This will ensure a laugh every day of the year! He can display the funny desktop signs on his desk. It can be changed depending on his mood. For example, when the going gets tough, the manager is nowhere to be seen which make everyone in his office laugh If you adored this article and you would certainly like to obtain additional info relating to funny gifts for friends kindly check out our own web site. .